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If you liked Active Resistance 1998 (North American anarchist action and theory gathering) you’ll love Active Resistance 1999. All those interested in helping to organize the upcoming gathering, contract ar99@tao.ca. Location and dates for the gathering to be soon.


That’s right a new lnfoshop is opening in Austin near downtown, located at 1306 E. 6th St., Austin, TX 78701. Email: 1306antithesisChotmail.com. Drop by if you’re wondering how to plug into the activist community: Free skool, Copwatch, Food Not Bombs, Anfi-Racist Action, etc. The Infoshop is looking for book donations, bands to play, volunteers, etc.


Following on the heels of the wildly successful Global Street Party last May, London Reclaim the Streets has announced plans for another global Street Party action on June 18, 1999. The 1999 action is set for Friday so that street parties around the world can rupture the everyday and disrupt business as usual on a workday. Street Parties are planned for every major financial center around the world (plus the downtown bank district of many small towns and cities near year). Those who destroy the earth a press her people have names, adresses a titles: bank, stock traders, insurance conglomerates and the like. Come dance, play, redecorate and imagine a world where people are free and live in harmony with nature. Last year 30 cities participated: this year the sky is the limit! Contact RTS by searching Reclaim the Streets on the web. Or try the folks at the Critical Mass, Earth First! chapter, or, anti- neoliberalism organization near you. And remember to tell your boss you need the day off on June 18.

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