Bush's Oily Moral Playground

By the time you read this, it appears likely that the US government will be at war with Iraq. It’s is hard to believe this could happen — that the US could fight such a bald war of aggression.

We have been born here on the most beautiful planet filled with light and colors and creatures and wonder. Our bodies, our voices, our minds offer so many opportunities for joy, pleasure, creation and love.

But somehow, amid all the beauty of life, the most violent, most hateful men have risen to power. All our human intelligence and creativity over the centuries has given these hateful men terrible weapons. These men rule the world’s richest, most powerful land.

What went wrong that they are driven to kill, destroy and hate? What went wrong that they would use lies and fear to justify the unjustifiable? How can these men be so self-satisfied, so smug, and so comfortable in their business suits while they order murder?

You don’t need to be a moral scholar to be against this war. Its something you learn when you’re 5 years old on the playground: you don’t hit first. You don’t start a fight against another kid whose not trying to fight you. You don’t make up lies about what the other kids is doing to justify hitting first, and then hit first. You don’t go across the world to hit a kid first in his front yard when that kid can’t get to your neighborhood.

Yes, things seem more complex to Bush in Bush’s world — this kid has oil.

Is this merely a psychological defect in a small number of rich, white, powerful men? Were they denied breastfeeding? Were they punished for masturbating?

No. Life on this planet left to itself is full of beauty and love. But somehow, human society has become diseased. It promotes death, not life. It organizes suffering, not joy. Most individual people know this, but aren’t sure how to escape the structures we have built around ourselves like a prison. Like a grave.

Out of the killing in Iraq and beyond, let us hope enough people see what power and authority has done. Lest we all be destroyed.