Summer of Action: Schedule of Events

July 7 – 16

Wyoming, outside of the Tetons, USA

Earth First! Round River Rendezvous.

Earth First!’s annual gathering.

Strategize for the coming year and enjoy workshops/discussions on topics like nonviolence philosophy and training, direct action/protest, permaculture, forest-watch monitoring and bio-surveying. The site lies adjacent to the Little Greys River in the foothills of the rugged Wyoming Mountains, not far to the southwest of the Gros Ventre Wilderness Area. Be self-sufficient for camping. Site is at 7,000 feet and is cold at night, has biting insects, strong sun, etc.

520-620-6900 or 406-728-2318

July 19 – 23

Genoa, Italy

Border Camp

In July 2001 the G-8 summit will take place at Genoa (Genova), Italy. We, the immigrants, anti-racist and anti-fascist organizations and associations of this town appeal to all immigrants in Europe to meet in Genoa during the days of this convention, in order to demonstrate, discuss and start building up new communication networks at the international level.

July 15 – 22

Genova, Italy

G-8 Summit International Action

Thousands from around the world are expected in the streets to confront the leaders of the world’s richest and most powerful countries, who will gather for a meeting of the G-8. The “anti-globalization” movement is growing up to become a global anti-capitalist popular uprising!

July 20 – 22

Auburn, Alabama, USA

Southern Girls Convention

Reject the racist and sexist Southern Belle archetype! Gather with women from the South (and all over) for music, workshops on radical issues, skillsharing and more. SGC, PO Box 2956, Auburn, AL 36830. 334-826-9573 (charlie) or 785-331-3068 (ailecia)

July 27- August 5

Frankfurt, Germany

Border Camp

Border Camp of radical resistance to the neo-liberal racism of the modernized anti- migration policy– even in the wealthy, worldly, multi-cultural Rhein- Main region. An important meeting point for different anti-racist groups and individuals.

August 14-16

San Francisco Bay Area, USA

Women’s and Gurls’ Skill Share Conference

Three days of workshops ranging from puppetry and singing to basic tools and auto mechanics to sewing and herbalism. All of the workshops will be taught by people who identify as women and attendance is open to any gender or sex. The overall goal of the conference is not to teach specific skills in their entirety, but to empower women with some basic traditional “boy” (ie: auto mechanics, welding) and “gurl” (ie: canning, knitting) knowledge and to “de-mystify” certain skills. In addition to workshops, discussions will be held at the conference dealing with gender issues, sexism, your legal rights, radical women in radical politics and more. At CELLspace, 2050 Bryant, SF.


Month of August (but especially Aug. 18-31)

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Bike Summer, third annual

Bike Summer is an International Do-it-Yourself Bike Festival where independent groups organize separate but complimentary events which come together in the Bike Summer Calendar to be a Bicycle Extravaganza! Bike Rides, Campouts, Workshops, Bike Building, Bike Art, Film Nights, Bike Ballet, Zany Competitions, Bicycle Poetry, Demonstrations, Bike Radio and More! The Dinosaurs Against Fossil Fuels invite you especially to come snack on cars and party down with them in this Orgy of Velo Love!

August 31-September 3

Louisville, KY, USA

Permanent Autonomous Zones Conference

The first annual conference about Permanent Autonomous Zones, a concept named by Hakim Bey and fleshed out by many people in practice. This conference aims to promote the institutions we are creating to provide alternatives to those controlled by government or profit-motivated forces. A PAZ is any continuous space, group, co-op, or individual effort accessible to a community that is founded on anti-authoritarian principles and autonomy within an egalitarian community. Anyone interested in creating a PAZ, improving a PAZ, or learning more about PAZs in general., come on in. We are looking for action-oriented people and not simply “idea people.” Pre-register: Conference PO Box 4964 Louisville, KY 40204; include SASE.

September 21 – 24

Washington, DC, USA

The People’s Repo

Taking back our homes, taking back our communities… Days of Action, Action Training and Issue Workshops. The People’s Repo is about people taking back what they need & about urban squatting; illustrating the correlation between gentrification, the stockpiles of abandoned buildings in many US cities, and increasing homelessness. Other focus ideas include: land struggles around the world; the role of the WB/IMF and WTO in global corporate control; the growing prison industrial complex; the criminalization of poverty, and homelessness; rent strikes; and tenants’ rights issues. 202-737-6444 #24

September 28 – October 4

Washington, DC, USA

IMF and World Bank Annual Meeting

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank will be holding their Joint Annual General Meetings in Washington, DC from September 28 to October 4, 2001. Huge protests, both leftist and anarchist, are expected, as well as the usual teach-ins, etc. Protest and expose the illegitimate policies and actions of the institutions and officials who continue to claim the right to determine the course of the world economy. Thousands of global political “leaders”, financiers, investors, traders, pundits, etc, will descend on Washington for the annual meeting to be met by hordes of people and cops, and clouds of tear gas!, 202-463-2265

October 5 – 9

San Francisco Bay Area, USA

Queeruption! 2001

Five-day open forum for queer radical gay lezbo trans pervert labia-licker sissy cocksucker thought provoker mover and shakers. Round table, skillshare, poetry, art, music, food, sex, party, fun, solidarity.

nfo: 510 698-2039 x 3181, proposals only 510 704-8323.;

October 7 – 9

Miami, Florida, USA

World Economic Forum global meeting

The WEF is planning on meeting in Miami, primarily to assess the progress of the FTAA negotiations. Let’s shut them down!

November 5 – 9

Qatar, Pursian Gulf

(solidarity actions worldwide)

World Trade Organization global meeting

In view of what happened in Seattle, the WTO scheduled its next global meeting for the tiny, politically-closed nation of Qatar. It may be impossible to shut down the WTO in Qatar (or even get there-only accredited officials will be allowed into the country, so a global general strike with thousands of simultaneous, coordinated attacks on corporate/capitalist targets everywhere else is the next best thing. Start planning now to shut down your local stock exchange, banking district, mall, factory, mine, or oil field. The Global Exchange crowd are suggesting a global “Qatar Flu” sick-out.