Greetings from Uncle Dale

RE: Current educational project targeting mainstream tourists in Seattle. Including, but not limited to Alaska bound cruise ship buffet feeder to Microsoft and Boeing induced corporate smega.

WHAT: Self-guided map of N30 gas zone, highlighting “retailers of death, terror and ecological madness”. Scheduled guided tours leaving Westlake or IndyMedia are a thought. Tour Guides will be B(lack) B(loc) in appearance(ish)…?

Seeking: 15-25 word explanations around retail targets during police riots of N30. Explanations of why these retailers deserve boycotts and other profit diversion or limitation.

This is a personal invitation to BB folks. We are growing a program to export to cities across the world. Bring N30 to the same retailers targeted by my family here during convergence. We hope to customize a corporate map applicable to every mall and every city hall.

Slingshot you rock!


Uncle Dale

Post-WTO Legal


I’m bummed about your WTO Legal update. Why, you ask? Well it should (have said) “by DAN legal” since what you printed was a blatant propaganda piece for DAN.

The article claims that the DAN legal team claimed victory for the 570 people arrested on December 1. But what about the people arrested with felony charges on November 30th? Those people are anarchists and you would think Slingshot would support them.

Not one mention of the felons or the Mutual Aid legal Fund was in the last issue. A friend of mine told me she submitted the information about MALF yet somehow it didn’t get in.

What’s the deal? Is this even an anarchist zine anyway? Tons of shit on microradio but nothing on people facing up to a year (in jail) on trumped up charges.

I agree with John Zerzan’s letter last issue, you really seem stuck in a sluggish leftist critique. I wish you all would write more critical pieces and stop all the fluff pieces.

Sorry if that is too harsh but it’s been bugging me for a while.


What can we say? We tried very hard to get the most up to date and accurate information on the post WTO legal situation but despite making repeated calls to our sources, we failed to deliver the goods by press time. Of course we support all of those that were arrested and will continue to. It was our intention to present a well rounded account. Please send donations to:

Mutual Aid Legal Fund

P.O. Box 95616

Seattle, WA 98145-2816


We Know Who You Are

Dear Slingshot,

I just wanted to tell you how great issue #68 is. I’ve never read Slingshot before so I don’t know how all the other issues have been but this issue really rocks. The article about trannies is something that I’ve been needing to read for quite some time, thanks. The rest is also damn good reading. Sorry that I’m not sending money or anything cool.

PS: I also think it’s rad that you print letters that criticize you because it makes people think ‘n stuff.


Going, Going, Gone

To: Renske

We are indeed out of Organizers. However, if you email back with a good story about losing the Organizer in some valiant radical act at the IMF, we might be able to dig up a copy from our “special circumstances” file that we keep for emergencies, like when the cops steal them or they get covered with pepper spray, etc. Let us know.

From Renske:

Hmmmmm, well, OK, here goes….

I’m a fairly new “convert” to radical, direct action, but after Seattle and Boston, I knew I was ready for something “more” in DC. Once I arrived with my affinity group (The Terribles) and we got hooked up with the New York cluster we determined ourselves to be a flying squad to support those locking down, etc. I started asking questions about communication-and since I apparently asked the right questions, I ended up at a communications meeting with a FRS radio in my hand, ready for action (with a half hour of sleep on a hard ass floor) communicating what was happening at various intersections where we were located – and assisting with getting medics, legal support, etc. to places where cops were doing their repression thing… we hung with it all day ’til the last blockade came down-and then we were up and at ’em again the very next day-in the pouring rain. “We’re Here, We’re Wet – So Sump the Debt!” I was so worried about keeping my communications equipment dry, I didn’t even stop to think about my Slingshot that was getting soaked in my backpack’s front pocket. Keeping a tight march was the plan – since this was an entirely unsanctioned reclaiming of DC streets during rush hour. Huge gaps would have really confused things. Communication was tough that day-pouring rain made visibility harder. Supporting the blockade was our number one priority… and we did the best we could.

OK, so that’s the short version. The longer one is only done in person, sorry. Don’t trust e-mail too much these days. My Slingshot org is totally bust – all the ink drained and I can’t read anything (it did dry up, but it warped and twisted and I can’t open the pages…)

If there is a random extra one for me, I’d be thrilled.

Tired in Minneapolis–Renske