A Harvest of Infoshops

The recent police raid on the Long Haul Infoshop in Berkeley (Slingshot’s home base) points out how important radical community spaces, alternative libraries, bike kitchens and infoshops are. The cops figured that the best way to go after a leaderless, informal scene was to go after its leaderless, informal meeting space. Luckily, the cops can take our computers but they can’t destroy our community and they can’t scare us off.

Alternative spaces that operate outside of the mainstream economy are dangerous to the smooth operation of the corporate-capitalist machine that is killing the earth. From these spaces, we can discuss more than the newest tv shows and organize activities more significant than retro-bowling leagues. These physical spaces represent the practical expression of our dreams for how life could be different. Organized cooperatively rather than by bosses and operated to promote creativity, freedom and autonomy instead of profit and conformity, alternative spaces are vital for building a new society.

As soon as we sent the 2009 Slingshot organizer to the printing press, people started sending us information on more spaces we should include. Oops — Too Late! While we were making the organizer we tried to contact everyone listed in the 2008 edition — so we hope the organizer list is pretty accurate. We’re now doing better about updating our on-line radical contact list, which contains extra listings not included in the paper organizer (like email addresses and website links.) Check out

slingshot.tao.ca. Here are some new spaces and updates.

Franklin House – St. Charles, MO

They are a collective house with an infoshop, show venue, community garden, free bike resource, art space and an “oasis in small town middle America.” Check them out at 320 Tompkins Ave., St. Charles, MO 63301, 636-493-1239 franklinhousecollective@gmail.com

Fargo-Moorhead Community Bicycle Workshop – Fargo, ND

They are a non-profit bike shop committed to reclamation of bikes and education, as well as building community. Visit 1303 1st Ave N, Fargo, ND 58102, 701-478-4021 fmbikeworkshop.org

Tantra Coffeehouse – San Marcos, TX

They are a coffeehouse and community center with live music and an art venue. Open Sun-Fri: 7am-midnight and Saturday Sat 7am-1am. Visit at 217 W. Hopkins St. San Marcos, TX 78666 512-558-2233 www.myspace.com/tantracoffee

Everybody Reads – Lansing, MI

A community bookstore and neighborhood resource center that hosts various events. 2019 E. Michigan Avenue- Lansing, MI 48912 517 346-9900, becauseeverybodyreads.com

Bon Vivant Artspace – Buffalo, NY

A new art space and music venue. 1862 Hertel Avenue Buffalo, NY 14216.

Black Sheep Book – Montpelier, VT

They’ve moved into a new storefront space right on the main street of town that is more visible and bigger allowing events with up to 30 people. Send them some books, zines or donations to help them with this expansion. 5 State Street, Montpelier, Vermont 05602 (802) 225-8906, http://www.blacksheepbooks.org

Casal Popular de Castelló – Spain

A radical social center. Carrer d’Amunt 167, 12001 Castelló de la Plana, South Catalonia, casalpopular@moviments.net

Ste. Emilie SkillShare – Montreal, Canada

A radical do it yourself art studio with a zine library/distro, silkscreen shop, photo darkroom, sewing machines and button maker that hosts workshops and events. Open Saturdays. 3942 Ste. Emilie (corner of St. Augustin, metro Place St. Henri), Montreal QC H4C 2A1 514-933-2573 (messages), steemilieskillshare.com / mtlskillshare@gmail.com

Mistakes in the 2009 Organizer. . .

• Oops – after publishing their name in the 2009 organizer we got mail back from the Radish Infoshop at 818 W. College St Springfield, MO 65806 marked “return to sender,- attempted – not known” – either they have moved or ceased to exist.

• We also got a letter mailed to New World Resource Center at 1300 N. Western Ave. in Chicago returned in the mail.

• Due to space considerations, we didn’t list some places. The Junto Library in Winnipeg, Canada DOES exist – 91 Albert St.

• We weren’t sure whether Little Sisters in Vancouver, BC, Canada was still around or not – we didn’t list them but someone says “they’re still there.”

• We listed the Women’s Agenda for Change in Phnom Penh, Cambodia but have since gotten word that they are in transition and they may not be in a good place to receive visitors. They may dissolve in mid-2009.

• Here are some places in Halifax, Nova Scotia that you may want to visit if you’re in town– we got this info too late to include in the 2009 Organizer: • Halifax Coalition Against Poverty • Just Us! Cafe (Spring Garden or Barrington locations) • The Grainery Food Coop. They also have a Food Not Bombs in Halifax.