Communique from the Army of the Working Poor

You want us out of our homes;

you want us out of our city.

We want you out, too.

On the night of December 13, we broke the windows of Zephyr Real Estate, and we smeared paint on their building. Zephyr real estate deserved it: [they are] responsible for the evictions of hundreds, maybe thousands, of San Francisco families, responsible for what happens to us after we are evicted (hunger, homelessness, displacement).

They break our spirits and our families; we broke a few windows.

They evict us from our homes; we smeared some paint on their building.

They have insurance to replace their windows; and we have residential hotels, soup lines, and unemployment.

On the uneven field of combat we find ourselves on we are not the antagonists Forced out of our city and forced out of our homes, all we can do is react.

We tried reasoning and understanding, we tried the streets and the planning commission, and we tried the ballot box; now we try bricks and the cover of fog.

What we try next is up to you, we have our eye on escalation.

We isolated a symptom, a real estate agent, the cough that lets us know we have bronchitis.

The disease is the government and capitalism. This action should not be seen as an attack, not as a response in like; we haven\’t gotten there yet. It is more like a greeting card; a statement of intent; a breaking of the ice.

The warning shot is coming, and the war is after that. Don\’t think that we aimed low this time, we just aimed reasonably.

We look forward to the day that you will leave us alone, we look forward to peace, good education, good food, and no police. We look forward to freedom. We dream, but when we wake up you are still there. Please leave.