3 – The tale of Texas – toppling a colonial creation story

By Xinãchtli

2023 will mark the 200 year anniversary of one of the most horrific Holocausts of the Americas, buried in myths, lies: The Founding of the Texas Rangers Police-Army Militia, and the U.S. Yankee Colonization of Northern Mexico. 

The Rangers earned the nickname Los Diablos Tejanos, or The Texas Devils in the Mexican community, as blood-thirsty hires of lawless white supremacy, a colonial period known as La Hora de Sangre, or The Time of Blood: The Massacre of Mexicanos-Chicanos in the Occupied territories.

These colonial wars were for land, expansionist plantation slavery, inspired by the racist ideological doctrine of Manifest Destiny.

They set in motion a pattern of falsification of history, ongoing war crimes, the disenfranchisement of Chicanos in “Tejas” that have remained buried in lies.

Mexicans were hauled off in chains before “pseudo-judges” in mock kangaroo courts such as the infamous Law West of the Pecos saloon-court presided over by drunkard Judge Roy Bean at Langtry, Texas, convened by land-hungry swindlers to give “legality” to their war crimes, in stripping all native Mexicans of all social rights, stealing their properties, and criminalizing them as “bandits” declaring “open season war” against them as “personas non-grata” in their own native homeland.

This war has continued today, especially along the military-imposed U.S./Mexico border from Brownsville to San Diego, CA. A series of myths and stereotypes took hold in keeping with the sociological, geopolitical dialectics of the historical process of colonialism, as laid out by Dr. Frantz Fanon. This genocidal ethnic-cleansing was spearheaded by notorious Texas Rangersfounded in 1823, by the father of settler colonialism, Stephen F. Austin. Texas joined the Confederacy and many monuments and statues honoring these war criminals were erected in cities and at State Universities.

Many books, films andfolk song ballads were produced by the colonial class to justify this vile, ugly history, a history that critical race theory seeks the truth be told. However, Texas, the “Daughters of the Confederacy,” and proponents of plantation slavery, seek to have this false history buried in lies, living in utter hypocrisy, shame and infamy.

Visit the Texas Ranger’s Museum in Waco, Texasand see the lies with your own eyes. True books, new authors, historians and University professors are ostracized, black-listed, banned, threatened with termination or denied tenure for teaching true history.

During the last 200 years, law has been used as an instrument of tyranny in the hands of the oppressors, to rule over the powerless, voiceless, the poor, the oppressed.

The Rangers have always acted as Gestapo enforcers of colonial rule, destroying Chicano civil rights, anti-war, union, third political party movement organizations, keeping Chicanos in second-class citizenship, subservancy roles, by the Neo-colonial structures. Chicanos have always valiantly resisted colonialism though various forms of organized struggles, including guerrilla warfare for the return of their stolen lands, for freedom from such an evil system of oppression, exploitation.

Texas Prisons and Colonialism are connected through an Umbilical Cord, as the granite stones and its electric chair “Old Sparky,” were built by ‘Prisoner Slaves’ Labor of the infamous colonial “convict-lease” program,” all stained with prisoners’ blood.

Texas Prisons also glorifies this ugly history at its Texas Prison Museum in HuntsvilleIts prisons are disproportionately filled by Blacks, Chicanos, Asians, NativeAmericansand its proliferation of “control units” and its counterinsurgency programs, the brain-child of fascist former Prison Director DrGeorge Betodesigned to silence, repress dissent, such as the case of “Xinãchtli,” (s/n Alvaro Luna Hernandez)now going on 20+ years in Solitary Confinement, shows the true nature of the carceral totalitarian state under colonialism, capitalism, imperialism. 

As 2023 approaches, any “official apology” from the State would be grossly insufficient, and insulting. 

Chicanos are entitled to a real healing process from the crimes of Colonialism; for a Truth & Reconciliation Commission, A War-Crimes Tribunal, for reparations, for freedom from existing Neo-Colonial criminal structures still in place today.

Colonialism has been declared a crime against humanity, guaranteeing its subjects the inalienable right to free themselves from its stranglehold by any means necessary, including armed struggle and revolution. Stay tuned for further national discourse.…

Viva La Raza ! 

Tierra y Libertad !