3 – Glenn Fuller 1950 – 2022

Slingshot member and all around decent human Glenn Fuller died March 20, 2022. Like all of us, I guess, Glenn was an oddball. He wasn’t the stereotypical young punk kid that one might imagine populate the Slingshot staff. No — he was often the oldest person at a meeting, he was from the South and had a strong southern accent, he was disabled and walked with difficulty, and he didn’t dress or present like a freak. Except that he hung around us, attending the Anarchist Study Group almost every week and staffing the Long Haul Infoshop in Berkeley on Thursdays for over a decade. He ran the Long Haul’s website and programmed it so that a silly flying saucer hovered around the screen. 

Glenn was consistent and persistent in the way he made it to Long Haul’s frequently frustrating monthly meeting. He was passionate about reading and thinking about anarchism. At Slingshot and Long Haul meetings he would often surprise you with his ideas — challenging assumptions — he didn’t just go along with the crowd. He was generous — usually bringing a big plate of home-made marijuana shortbread to Slingshot mailing parties. When another Long Haul member died, he brought food for those left behind. When Will was deathly ill and needed to get to the hospital, he drove him there in his old convertible and made sure he got care. 

Glenn was private about his personal life. When he was younger, he worked at a nuclear power plant. We think he lived in Beirut when he was a kid. He had a connection with some property in Tennessee and talked about going there. It was an honor to have Glenn among us all these years and we’ll miss him.