E.L.F. Burns Another Year

Damages to date in 2003: $55 Million – Over $100 Million since 1997.

The ELF was formed in Brighton, England in 1992 by Earth First! members realizing that their tactics must intensify if they were going to make an effort to truly save the environment. The following year they are said to have declared solidarity with the Animal Liberation Front. In February of 1994 Judi Bari wrote in the Earth First journal that she felt that Earth First! “should mainstream itself and leave the more radical tactics to the Earth Liberation Front.” Since then there have been a steady stream of successful actions .

September 19

Home arsons in California

Four homes under construction in San Diego are damaged by fire, with damage estimated at $1 million. A banner at the site is signed ELF.

September 5

SUVs vandalized in New Mexico

A dozen vehicles are spray-painted with graffiti, including “ELF”, at a Land Rover dealership in Santa Fe.

September 2

SUVs vandalized in Texas

Vandals shoot out windows with pellet guns, slash tires and “key” 22 vehicles at a Houston dealership. Damage: $60,000.

August 22

SUVs destroyed in California

About 100 vehicles, mostly SUVs, are destroyed or damaged at four auto dealerships in West Covina, Duarte, Arcadia and Monrovia, near Los Angeles. A warehouse at the West Covina dealership is also heavily damaged by fire. Combined damage is estimated at $2.5 million.

August 1

Condominium project torched in California

A 206-unit condominium project under construction in University City, San Diego, is destroyed by fire. Damage: $50 million. A banner left behind reads “If you build it, we will burn it. The E.L.F.s are mad.”

June 4

New homes torched in Michigan

Two nearly completed homes with a combined value of $700,000 are torched in Macomb County, west of Detroit. Graffiti at the scene reads “ELF – Stop Sprawl”.

April 29

SUVs defaced in California

About 60 SUVs, trucks and mobile homes at dealerships and outside homes are defaced with anti-war graffiti in Santa Cruz.

April 8

65 SUVs, trucks vandalized in California

45 SUVs and trucks are spray-painted with anti-war messages at the North Bay Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealership in Santa Cruz, as well as 18 or 20 vehicles parked in front of neighbors’ homes. The graffiti also includes references to ELF.

March 21

Navy Recruiting Station vehicles vandalized

Vehicles are vandalized at the Navy Recruiting Station in Montgomery, Alabama. Cargo truck is set ablaze, five other vehicles spray-painted with anti-war messages, including “E-L-F”. ELF claims guilt.

March 21

New homes torched in Michigan

Two homes under construction in the Superior Township, west of Detroit, are torched. When finished, they would have been valued at $500,000 each. Nearby graffiti says “no sprawl” and “ELF”. ELF claims guilt.

January 1

SUV attack in Pennsylvania USA: Four new sports utility vehicles areconsumed by fire at the Bob Ferrando dealership in Girard, Erie. Damage estimated at $90,000.