Porn Again Anarchists

The following communiqué was received by Slingshot in a plain, unmarked brown wrapper.

\”An Ark Hoe Pro-Duck-Tions\” wants you to get down and dirty for anarchism.

That\’s right, the much anticipated anarchist porn project is forming. We need filthy writers, camera people and yes actors who aren\’t afraid to bare all to further the goals of anarchism.

Writers: Can you write about your politics in a sexy way? Do you understand the connection between mutual aid and mutual masturbation? Bad dialogue is OK as long as we look sexy, for reels.

Camera people: Can you say without laughing, \”Move the puppet, I need a close-up of penetration!\” Do you understand the difference between overhead lighting and spot (mood) lighting? Can you direct people without being overbearing and control freaky? \”You have to use a damn to tongue the bung!\”

Actors: Do you really believe in anarchism? Do you feel a hot passion for living in a non hierarchical world? Can you become sexually aroused on cue? Class war porno can be provided. Are you game to put the hoe back in anarchoe?

Here are story lines in the works, and some exciting ideas for scenes:

1. \”Seattle Jail Solidarity\”, lots of same sex screen melting scenes. \”Watching a teamster and a turtle come together with the aid of an anarchist facilitator\”, \”not talking to the fuzz, but sharing of the deepest desires between prisoners\”, and \”the naughty legal aide\”.

2. \”Black block of smoldering desire.\” Show what really happens in an affinity group. Need some help on this one. Potential plot lines: \”are we gonna break this window, or are we gonna fuck?\” \”First we are gonna break the window, then we\’re gonna fuck!\” \”After beating back the police all night, I just want to get beat off.\” \”Just try getting out of these restraints\”.

3. \”I\’m next to speak\” The meeting video, showing how well our process works. The talking stick is a massive butt plug / dildo. This will cut down on redundant overbearing dom male speakers. This could be the heady theory based video, where everyone would have their moment to shine.

4. The reenactments of anarchist sex lives, oh yes. Emma and Alex; Sac and Van; Noam, Murray and Zerzan the hottest 3 way ever; & of course the Wobblies in their One Big Union.

You might think that this is a fantasy, or that we cannot hope to achieve these expectations. But, dear anarchist, I know that we can and will. This project is the culmination and real manifestation of all the symbolic and theoretical work that we all have done. This is our chance to become the media and lead the discussion. It will let the powers that be know that we are serious and will stop at nothing (not even under endowment) to achieve our goals. They cannot shame us into silence any more. Join us now!

Contact the project, C/O Slingshot.