6 More Activists Off to Jail

During September, a federal court sentenced Kevin Kjonaas, Lauren Gazzola, Jacob Conroy, Joshua Harper, Andy Stepanian and Darius Fulmer — the Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty (SHAC) 7 defendants — for their participation in the campaign to end the cruelty of Huntington Life Sciences corp. (HLS). The SHAC 7 were sentenced to between one and six years in federal prison and were ordered to collectively pay restitution in the amount of $1 million and one dollar to HLS for financial damages. The six were the first people tried under the Animal Enterprise Protection Act of 1992 (formerly known as the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act). Kjonaas got 72 months, Gazzola 52 months, Conroy 48 months, Harper 36 months, Stepanian 36 months and Fulmer 12 months. The SHAC 7 were convicted of conspiracy for advocating against HLS, talking and organizing protests — no violence or property damage was involved.

The SHAC 7 need support: kind letters from you and money for jail. They don’t have addresses as of this writing because they haven’t reported to jail yet. Check shac7.com for more support info.