2 – Help Slingshot make the 2025 organizer

Contact us by April 20 if you want to draw art for the 2025 Slingshot Organizer — you do not have to live in California to draw. 50 artists from all over contribute to each edition. 

Please send additions and corrections for the Radical Contact List by May 25. We’re especially looking for contacts in under-represented areas, states and countries: cities that are NOT college towns, particularly in the South and Midwest — anywhere in Alabama, Hawaii, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, West Virginia and Wyoming, Africa & the Middle East.

If you want to work on editing and adding to the radical history dates, reach out between now – April 20. We want to add protests or notable events from 2023 / 2024, older stuff we’re missing, especially marginalized issues and movements, and we need help proofreading to try to locate and correct errors. 

If you are in the Bay Area, join Slingshot for two art party weekends to put the organizer together by hand May 25/26 (times TBA) and June 1-2 (24/7, baby!) at Long Haul 3124 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley. “It is like an all-night art rave — but geeky and free.” Drop by for an hour or stay all day and all night. 

Selling the organizer enables Slingshot to print and distribute this newspaper for free. The 2024 organizer is still available through August. If you know of a store in your area that could sell the organizer, let us know. 

There’s a few extra copies of the 2024 organizer — contact us if you can distribute a dozen or more copies for free to youth who don’t have access in conservative areas of the Midwest, South, or other areas outside the bubble: slingshotcollective@protonmail.com. We’ve already sent boxes of free organizers to youth in Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Guam, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas Kentucky, Louisiana, New Mexico, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont and Washington…

If you still want to buy the 2024 organizer, there is a list of bookstores and distributors at slingshotcollective.org.