2- a word about the cover

Cover art is by Talia: Over the past year in the backyard of my communal building, one of us planted a garden: ·Nasturtium, which produce spicy yet fresh-tasting orange flowers; Rosemary; Iris; Tulsi Basil, another delicious-smelling and tasting plant, great for making tea; Parsley, plus two varieties of scented Geraniums, and a million little succulents. Then, the landlord cut down all of the Nasturtiums. No one realized how the flowering weeds were influencing all the other plants; much of the garden wilted. But then I noticed a new weed growing. Small wild tomatoes were growing! Over six months, the plant sprawled across the brick yard, curling up to bicycles and dropping sweet, red fruits all around. So I sent a note to the landlord, “You mess with this tomato plant, and there’ll be hell to pay!”

Please consider: when you’re gardening, weeds can be as beneficial or more so than ornamental plants. Look up: “Guerilla Gardening”. You can transform a simple, abandoned plot of dirt into a flourishing wonderland!