Urgent Appeal to End the Torture of Leonard Peltier

American Indian Movement activist and political prisoner Leonard Peltier has been framed by the U.S. Government for a crime he did not commit. His constitutional rights were denied. His appeals for a new and fair trial were denied. All of this happened because the U.S, Government sought to distract the people from the truth and to cover-up the U.S. Government’s continuing policies against indigenous people and the suppression of those that resisted. To try to silence Leonard, the prison authorities have continuously harassed him and even tried to assassinate him. Now they are refusing him medical treatment.

Leonard is currently suffering from complications of a previous maxilla-facial surgery at the Springfield Medical Prison facility. In that surgery Leonard almost died, Not only did that surgery not improve Leonard’s condition, it made it far worst, Leonard is now in continuous, excruciating pain, He cannot open his mouth enough to bite his food or chew. Leonard, for very good reasons, does not want to go back to Springfield. The renowned maxilla-facial surgeon Doctor Keller of the Mayo Clinic has written to the prison telling them that he is willing to treat Leonard Leonard. But so tar, the federal Bureau Of Prisons (BOP) has refused to let Leonard be treated. If the government, for political reasons, causes and allows a prisoner to suffer great pain, there is no other word for that than torture. We are calling upon all people who believe in social justice to help in the campaign to end the torture of Leonard Peltier NOW!

Please send e-mails to: Ms. Kathleen Hawk, Director, Bureau Of Prisons at.- e-mail khawk@bop.gov or swolfson@bop.gov, or write to her at: 320 First St.NW, Washington, DC 20534, or fax: 202-514-6878, or call: 202-307-3198 and ask that Leonard be allowed treatment by Dr. Keller at the Mayo Clinic.