Infoshop Updates

Here’s some Infoshops that just opened or that we’ve found out about, plus some corrections to the list of radical contacts published in the 2003 Slingshot Organizer.

Cascadia Rising infoshop in Portland

“We just opened an infoshop/activist resource center located in the Cascadia Forest Alliance office in South East, Portland Oregon. We have on hand hundreds of do-it-yourself zines, scores of anarchist/radical/leftist publications from all over the US (and we’re hoping soon, the world) not to mention a lending library full of great books. Anyone is welcome to drop in (except cops) and browse, hang out, read, drink tea….all that fun shit!” Open 11:00 am-10:00 p.m.; all week!! 1540 S.E. Clinton, Portland, OR 97202 (503) 241-4879

Community Arts & Media Project buys a building in St. Louis, Missouri

These folks have managed to purchase a 100 year old, 9,000 square foot building to provide space for seven groups: the St. Louis Independent Media Center, Food Not Bombs, the Beehive Design collective (Midwest Hive), The Center for Alternative Technology, the SouthSide University free skool project, Confluence alternative journal, and the Gateway Green Alliance, which carries on environmental and social justice political campaigns. They’re currently fixing up the building to meet codes and trying to raise funds. Contact them to donate. They’re also trying to borrow money. Its located at 3026 Cherokee St., St. Louis, MO 63118; Mail address: PO Box 63232, St. Louis, MO 63163. 314.772.9178.

Black Planet Books collectivizes

Black Planet Books in Baltimore, Maryland is under new, collective management and is now located at 1621 Fleet St., Baltimore, MD 21231, 410 537-5005.

Check out the Misfit Theater Zine Library in New Zealand

An all volunteer run, non-profit book, music, zine and second-hand store. They also have a mail distro and a zine library. Visit them at 335 Grant North Rd, Aukland. Open Thur/Fri. 1-7, Sat/Sun noon -4. Mail them at PO Box 68939, Newton, Aukland, New Zealand.

Ironweed Infoshop in Albany, NY

The Ironweed Collective sent us a cool flyer with all the stuff happening in Albany: Critical Mass bike ride, Food Not Bombs, Revolution 101 study group and their Infoshop. Check it out at 98 Grand St., Albany, NY 12202 518-436-0929.

Madhatter’s IMC / Infoshop

They have an Independent Media Center with an Infoshop. These folks also publish the City Free Press, Connecticut’s only cooperatively run monthly. Check them out at 218 White St., Danbury, CT 06810 203-730-9397.

Wooden Spoon in Ann Arbor

The Wooden Spoon just transformed itself into a cooperative bookstore and community space. They’re at 200 N. 4th Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48104 734-769-4775.

Breakdown Book Collective & Community Space reopens in Denver

After a brief closure and relocation, Breakdown Collective is back. They have radical books, a lending library, video library, free computer use, space for various organizations to meet, and a variety of information about upcoming community events. The community resource center provides a source for ideas, information, and literature marginalized or ignored by mainstream outlets, to educate, empower, and strengthen the Denver area community. Breakdown hosts and promotes artistic, educational, political, and cultural events, all in a non-hierarchical, and participatory environment. Check them out at 1409 Ogden St., Denver, CO 80218 303.832.7952. Open 12-9 Tuesday – Sunday

Corrections to the 2003 Organizer

  • We got word of the existence of ICT Infoshop, 1515 N. Sedgwick St., Wichita, KS 67203. We don’t know what ICT stands for or anything else about them, though.
  • The listing for Toronto Women’s books in the Canada section has the wrong phone number — the correct phone number is 416.922.8744.
  • If you’re in Sweden, check out Bokhandeln Info, Tjärhovsgatan 44, 11628 Stockholm, Sweden. They sent us a nice card. Their website looks very informative, if you know Swedish. If not, its rather confusing.
  • The listing for Boxcar Books in Fort Collins, Colorado is incorrect — there’s nothing at that address anymore.
  • The Stone soup collective in Florida doesn’t exist anymore.
  • We heard that Stone Soup cafe in Tucson, Arizona isn’t where we said it was. Any info?
  • Solidarity books in Indianapolis has closed or at the very least moved. Let us know if you do.
  • Boiling Kettle infoshop in Charlotte, North Carolina has closed or moved. Any info?
  • The Center for Creative Autonomy in Houston, Texas has closed.