a13 – Air hug those radical spaces

Compiled by Jesse D. Palmer

Radical DIY events spaces, libraries and zine shops are doing what they can to provide community and alternative resources as the pandemic drags on. If there is one near you, please give generously since rent is still due and a lot of income has dried up. Here are some additions to the 2021 Slingshot Organizer, as well as some corrections. An updated on-line contact list is at slingshotcollective.org/radical-contact-list/

What’s Left Records – Colorado Springs, CO

An underground/DIY oriented record store w/ zines and events. 829 N Circle Colorado Springs, CO 80909 719-203-5826

Bookspace – Columbus OH

A mobile and on-line radical bookseller Bookspace that sells books and zines at flea markets, poetry readings, and other events in Columbus. They are trying to get a space to host events. bookspacecolumbus.com

1418 Fulton Daily Market – Fresno, CA

A PoC owned community centered bookshop that hosts printing and zine-making workshops, book releases, bike club meet-ups and photo walks. 1418 Fulton St Fresno, CA 93721 559-697-3044 1418fulton.com

A European Tour

Following are a number of spaces in France and one in Switzerland sent in by our friend Giz in Marseille:

+ Mille babords 61, rue consolat – 13001 Marseille, France

+ Manifesten 59 rue Thiers – 13001 Marseille

+ La Salle Gueule – 8, rue d’Italie – 13006 Marseille, France

+ L’élégante – 8, rue du petit Goye – 63600 Ambert, France

+ L’étoile noire – 5, rue saint jean – 02000 Laon, France

+ La rétive – 42, rue du faubourg d’Auvergne – 30100 Alès, France

+ La Lezarde at the 66 grand rue – 30270 Saint Jean du Gard, France

+ Espace Autogéré Rue du docteur César-Roux, 30 1005 Lausanne Switzerland

Corrections to 2021 Slingshot Organizer

• Bluestockings Books in New York closed. The project is going to restart at 116 Suffolk Street soon.

• Blackbird in Chico, CA has closed.

• Peace Iowa lost its space – pocket only.

• We forgot to include Goodness Tea at 261043 Hwy 101 Unit 3 Sequim, WA 98382 360-670-1041.

• Issues in Oakland closed largely due to the pandemic. They were not on the radical contact list, but they sold the organizer for years and were friends. They paid their bill in full even though they had to close the shop, which isn’t the way it often goes.

• Just Books / Réalta Civic and Social Space in Northern Ireland is closed.

• Infocentrum Salé in Prague, Czech Republic has closed.

• Avtonomna Tovarna Rog at Trubarjeva cesta 72, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia changed its name from Socialni Center Rog.