a11 – Zine reviews

The Slingshot gets tons of attention. People send us things they wrote and want us to read and review them–we get plenty of self published “zines”, a couple of which are featured here, but honestly…this paper is run on such a bare-bones skeleton crew that we actually cannot even read most of what is sent to us. I mean, this is a recent development–not long ago we had 3+ collective members excited by zines. Not the case now. Still we plod on…

oh I mean volunteers are encouraged to contribute their “shit work” to our project.

The Decieved #2 $5- $10 sliding scale

PO Box 14276

4304 18th st.

S.F. CA. 94114

The Deceived #2 is 36 pages of powerful artwork, poetry and information from the perspective of Sparrow; a government mind control and ritual abuse survivor. It features information on MK Ultra and Project Paperclip as well as a variety of personal healing techniques and resources.

For anyone who is a fan of the first issue or who is interested in a deeper understanding of the crimes against humanity committed by our government, this zine is a must have. Not only is The Deceived a plethora of revolutionary information but it is a graphic masterpiece, clearly created with love and tears.

Copies of the first issue of The Deceived are also available.

Any additional funds from purchases will go towards helping those who cannot afford to get a copy.

Can’t afford it? Write and ask for an issue and send what you can (stamps accepted as form of payment). (Alessandra)

PIGS ON A TRAIN: The Growing Transit Crisis & How to Fight It


A very concise overview of the situation with outrageous fare hikes which currently are fueling rebellions in NYC & Chile. A timely tract facing off with a facet of Neo-Liberal policy. It could utilize our attention better by illustrating how people are fare evading. As it is, it works as a good primer for the uninformed much as the way that Crimethinc publications are known for. Maybe it will find usefulness with copies left at Jr High Schools or at family reunions…. for your pro-Trump relatives. (eggplant)

Type 2 Travel Stories



Miniature size for easy storing. The writing is big at heart, journaling the high and low moments across the vast empty USA. Almost like the highlights of a good letter or a series of postcards. The vignettes of clandestine crash spots and dumpstered pizza are rendered on typewriter and accompanied by classic looking photos. The writing is compelling, it will encourage you to do something rash and timeless — like leave town with no destination or pick up a hitchhiker. (eggplant)

Turkey Neck

A Bay Area based photo-zine that mostly covers the skate scene and people who have more personality than what can normally be captured. Its another “Blast from the Past” made by a young person who is re-creating what people did decades ago. It seems they are totally enthusiastic about transforming reality. When the internet goes dim we will hungrily reach for such collections of “wasted youth” to delight and inform us of other worlds that are possible. (eggplant)

Night of the Bloody Tapes #1 $1

5902 Valley Wood

San Antonio TX 78250

Sorta malevolent, swinging fists approach to culture making. But what do you expect from Texas? i can dig it. The zine is motivated by celebrating the dirt cheap VHS tapes that can be found and used to spark a listless night. Here in California everything is so goddamn expensive, so I can relate. I mean the movies he finds for 25 cents we get for $1-3. (when not thrown away for free). The zine is mostly a series of synopses of hollywood crap heaped on with loads of attitude. The busy layout harkens back to how zines once were done. Something to hide under the covers from those eagle-eye parents. (eggplant)

Clock Tower Nine #14 $3+shipping


A collection of various writers exploring unrelated topics. Its sort of like a variety show with mixed quality and styles that take the stage then quickly vacate it. If you want to read something with factoids, nostalgic flashbacks and a general exaltation of minuscule things then this will suit you. The production is pretty clean with large “no squinting” font. It seems like a pretty frequent publication so the ultimate joy with this zine is having a consistent familiar voice to warm the dull nights. (eggplant)

Fluke Fanzine #17
Fluke Fanzine

PO Box 1547

Phoenix, AZ 85001

Newly encountering Fluke as courtesy of another Slingshotter, I read Fluke #17 on the subway, at my kitchen table and before bed. This cohesive bundle of stories, interviews, art and poetry make a stellar issue. Within the neatly organized zine are slick-printed images and various outlooks from authors across the U.S. covering the underground punk scene, music, skateboard culture, and surviving collectively.

I was touched by two pieces in particular: the interview with artist Danny Martin of Tucson, AZ and How We Got There From Here, an essay by Anna Marie Armstrong. Hailing from Alabama, Martin is a printmaker and muralist with a narrative, Wild West and Mexican-inspired aesthetic. His detailed backstory, beautiful images and love letter to Tucson are earnest and reflective. Armstrong provides an analog perspective of her adolescence in the Bay Area, entrenched in music, driving to an R.E.M. show with her brother Billie Joe (the same as Green Day’s frontman?!) Every moment is captured in passionate reminiscence.

Nostalgic, gritty and mature, Fluke #17 was a fascinating first-read and I look forward to diving into many more. (Nat)