The Infoshop Awaits You

3124 Shattuck


510 540-0751

People pass by 3124 Shattuck Avenue in South Berkeley all the time wonder, “What can be going on in that weird space with all the political flyers and colorful yet non-corporate storefront?” Yes, yes. It is a cannabis club during the day, but even more the Infoshop is one of the only radical community centers on the West Coast. Lovingly described in the April 17, 2000 issue of theNew Yorker as that “cafe/bookshop/community center run by an Anarchist Collective (we were, remember, in Berkeley).” In addition to exciting and inspiring weekly events brought to you by an all volunteer collective, the Infoshop also houses an astounding zine archive and lending library.

Our weekly schedule is jam packed with events you can’t miss. We frequently host the post-East Bay Critical Mass dinner dance on the second Friday of the month, the only monthly Food Not Bombs Goth Party Benefit in North America, and radical planning potluck brunches.

Mondays 6-9 pm

Women only night. Come hang in a space that’s been dedicated to women for 7 years and enjoy insightful political discussion, videos, and an occasional book group. Women’s night is always looking for people to come down and make it a happening event.

Tuesdays 6-9 pm

The night of the ever popular Anarchist Study Class (8-10 pm) running strong and going on 3 years. Join the enlightening discussion and don’t miss out on Infoshop superstar Margaret’s last summer as a staffer. Humane Services for the Mentally Crisesed meets from 6-8 pm.

Wednesdays 6-9 pm

Come on down for the Anarchist Sewing Circle. Sew up some holes in your clothes or make a beautiful patch quilt while listening to critiques of the prison industrial complex and occasional fantastic tales.

Food Not Bombs meets around 8:30 pm.

Thursdays 6-9 pm

Berkeley Liberation Radio meets every other week around 8 pm. Alternate weeks infoshop staffers engage guests in a rousing game of Spin the Bottle. This night needs a serious infusion of energy. Make it happen.

Sundays 6-9 pm

Don’t believe the unfounded rumors; Cafe Night is still going strong! Cheap, vegan, carbohydrate filled dinners ($3 suggested donation). Still the most unique community building event in Berkeley. Donations go to the organization sponsoring the meal. Come hang out with the radicals and listen to James Brown all over again.

Note: We need groups to host cafe nights. There are many openings in the next couple of months. Contact an infoshop staffer for more details.

Now Recruiting

We could really use a Cafe Night Coordinator to ensure there are fabulous meals happening on a consistent basis, as well as willing helpers to cook and chop. We’d also love more people to help us do some outreach.

Housing Box

Don’t pay outrageous fees tot he corporate housing listing monopolies like e-housing, Berkeley Connections, or Homefinders. Come find a room or post your opening in our wonderful but compact housing box. Let’s start a permanent and free spot to find housing in the East Bay.

Ride Board

looking for a ride to next big action or just to visit a pal on the East Coast? Need a companion for your bike ride down from Seattle? Post your intentions on the ride board located in the back of the Long Haul and get travellin’