Anarchist People of Color 2005 Conference

Following up a successful 2003 Anarchist People of Color conference in Detroit, Michigan, the next Anarchist People of Color conference is being proposed for October 7-9, 2005 in Houston, Texas. Stay to the 10th to march against 500+ years of colonization on Monday October 10th (formally Colombus Day)!

Since the 2003 event, there have been APOC regional gatherings, new collectives and many projects, and we’re still going strong. Where are we as a unified movement? Come discuss community action, theory, internal struggles, external struggles, with the larger theme of “We are one, we are many, and we are a part of something bigger…”

Anarchism offers a dynamic ideology and methods of struggle against racism, poverty, police brutality, and other issues affecting peoples of color. We add ideals about building movements based on the masses of people rather than charismatic leaders, and building a new kind of radicalism recognizing that the political government is not our friend, nor is electoral activity a way to obtain our freedom. We will get our freedom and justice in the streets when we stand up and take back our communities from the white power structure. Finally, we present a new method of uniting all peoples of color against the common enemy, not just capitalism and the state, but white supremacy/European domination in all its forms.

As with the 2003 conference, the 2005 event is only open to people of color. Those sympathetic to the conference are encouraged to offer political support, solidarity and deep and honest understanding while we hold this conference and build our movement.

The conference will be kid friendly and some housing and travel assistance is available. There is a conference fee; no one turned away. For conference materials, downloadable flyers, information on how you can help, or anything else, visit To participate, send your name, level of interest, commitment and what skills/committee you would like to contribute: