Slingshot Box

Slingshot is an independent, volunteer-run, more-often-than-quarterly radical newspaper published in the East Bay since 1988.

Though it sometimes appears that repression is increasing nationally and internationally and there’s little hope of political relief in the States any time soon, we’re gonna continue on with the paper. Every stone you throw is important, even against armored tanks. Eventually, there will be enough of us to use catapults.

In March, Slingshot turns 17 years old! Never coquettish, we’re proud to be outspoken and wacky.

Last issue, we put out a call for more submissions, and we’ve been inundated with ‘em. Having more material to create the paper does at least three things: it lets us focus more on layout and editing, usually raises the quality of material in the paper, and improves the political and geographical diversity. This issue’s articles are from authors in Tennessee, Thailand and Japan — as well as Berkeley and Oakland. So, we again urge you to send us your articles. Slingshot is part-you, part-us.

As you’ll notice, there’s a Spanish page in this issue! Thanks to the translators!!! We’d love more (or any!) Spanish or bilingual submissions.

Thanks to Holi ( for the poster on page 11 and to Nikki McClure for the cover art ( Nikki cuts her pictures from paper using an x-acto knife! We love it when people send us fantastic art. In publishing these two pieces of art, we once again saw our archaic, pre-computerized, wax and scissors production methods running up against the sad, modern reality that publishing is all computerized now. How long can we hold out against the micro-chip tide? We don’t know for sure, but whereas it once was about our lack of money to buy computers, now its about soul. A digitized world is a cold lifeless world.

This issue was brought to you by beer, hot tubs, New Zealand stripies, and a fabulous quiche made from dumpstered eggs. Never pay for eggs in Alameda County!

As always, editorial decisions are made by the Slingshot collective, but not all the articles reflect the opinions of all collective members. We welcome debate, constructive criticism and discussion.