Zerzan Speaks


Yo, Slingshot–

Disappointed to see nothing in the Autumn issue about Rob Los Ricos (aka Robert Thaxton), who will be sentenced October 13th. At your request I called last month and gave a lengthy run-down– can’t recall name of who I spoke with.

More basically– except for the intriguing cover– Slingshot seems still stuck in its liberal-left rut. You need to get with the new movement, which has a far deeper analysis and radical politics.

The WTO piece was especially weak, like an AFL-CIO hand-out! Appeals to vote, too!? Weak shit all around! News, but no vision, no break with the basics.

Disappointed, John Z.



I at first missed the piece on Rob Thaxton — sorry to have, erroneously, faulted you for ignoring him!

John Z.