Call for a Worldwide Week of Action

December 15-21

It has long been clear that those at the helm of global capital are intent on steering us further into endless war. On the horizon, another mass murder, where the poor and powerless of different nations are ordered to kill each other for the benefit of the elite.

Despite the propagandist long knives of the Bush/Blair administrations and their standing armies in the mass media, there is a remarkable degree of worldwide recalcitrance to these “leaders” and their schemes. In addition to numerous massive demonstrations around the world — which are under-reported by the media — military recruiting centers have been attacked and military-industrial corporations blockaded. And these are just two examples of many actions taken by people who’ve enlisted their arms and legs into the battle against unlimited war that so many of us are already fighting with our hearts and minds.

This is a call for a week of action against the war apparatus during December 15-21, 2002. It is necessary, for the sake of those who governments long to slaughter, that we take this and every possible opportunity to strike at the executioners’ hearts. Further, a deafening void of resistance to recent warmongering could result in endless war as we careen closer and closer to a probable cataclysmic conclusion. The lives we save may very well be our own.


While a complete and detailed periodic table of the elements of war would cover several volumes, a simple sketch of the war apparatus shall suffice for providing the general shape of our principal targets.

Clearly money is the oil on which the war machine runs. Who stands to profit directly from war? Big-name defense contractors (Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, etc.) are first in line of private organizations to reap their financial rewards from the battlefields. These companies provide an obvious target. Their buildings are often remote and heavily guarded; nonetheless, that didn’t stop a recent sit-in at the Boeing offices from putting a damper, albeit temporary, on business as usual.

Of course, the war machine literally does run on oil, and unlimited access to the oil fields of Iraq is a large priority of this war-to-be. For this reason, the headquarters and assets of oil companies should be considered legitimate targets as well.

The editorial wings of the major media outlets certainly have much to gain from war. In their official capacity as the mouthpiece of government and business, mass media outlets are a natural enemy of all of us in opposition to war. The history of radical action against the media is storied and diverse. Resistors of every stripe have sanitized newspaper boxes and made additions to them; jammed or hijacked radio and television signals; and attacked broadcast towers and damaged equipment. The sheer number of media outlets provides myriad opportunities for action against the war.

Of course, there is the military itself as a target. Who could forget the Air Force billboard altered to read “Aim High: Bomb the Pentagon,” or the Vietnam-era ROTC building attacks? The military uses several mediums to garner recruits, most of which are highly susceptible to some type of action. They know the way in San Jose: recently saboteurs there torched some military vehicles, trashed a recruiting center, and left the words “Pre-emptive Strike” as their only explanation.


This is a call for an explicit and direct attack upon the war machine. This is a call for resistance, not merely demonstration or advocacy, or scripted acts of “civil disobedience” where all the participants politely go to jail.

December 21st is the date of winter solstice, the day of the most darkness, a legendary time of revolution and change. This is a call for actions that will begin on Dec 15th and culminate on the 21st — under cover of full darkness and with the full force of our spirits.

If we can stop these limitless wars, then we will have accomplished a number of things. We will have halted the mass killing of civilians. We will have shown the world that not all of us are goose-stepping mindlessly behind “President” George W. Bush, Blair & Co. Best of all, we will have proven that creative individuals, dynamic affinity cells, and flexible grassroots groups can still make a difference and redefine what is possible for us to achieve — with an eye towards the kind of world we really want.

Want to endorse the call?