Radical Space Round-up

Here’s some new radical spaces that have contacted us plus a few updates to the 2014 Slingshot Organizer.

The Tannex – Albuquerque, NM

They host events, a zine library and art. 1415 4th St SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

The Cusp – Olympia, WA

An anarchist/anti–authoritarian social center with zines, books, free food and events. Off 4th on Franklin between Old School Pizzeria and Dumpster Values in downtown Olympia, thecusp@riseup.net, thecuspolympia.tumblr

The Birdhouse – Knoxville, TN

A community space for events with a workshop, library, art gallery and garden. 800 N 4th Ave. Knoxville, TN 37917 birdhouseknoxville.com

Word Up Community Bookshop / Librería Comunitaria — NYC, NY

A volunteer–run, multilingual, bookshop and arts space. 2113 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10032 347–688–4456 info@wordupbooks.com

Little Grill Collective – Harrisonburg, VA

A worker owned restaurant with vegan options. 621 N. Main St. Harrisonburg, VA 22802 540–434–3594

Goathead Record Collective – Albuquerque, NM

Independent, radical folk and punk record collective. 310 Stanford Dr. SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87106 Firefang@comcast.net

Downstream project and Spring Village ecology center – Harrisonburg, VA

A community house in the lineage of Catholic Worker houses with an urban garden. They grow food for local schools and food deserts and experiment with fossil fuel–free living. 715 N. Main St. Harrisonburg, VA 22802 540–434–4745. Everyday Bikes provides a community bike shed at the same location: 540 432–3696

Rrenew Collective — Appalachia, VA

A house that hosts interns focused on local struggles and sustainability. Call or email for info 276–565–2073 Rrenew.Collective@ gmail.com (note: they spell it Rrenew – 2 r’s)

Flaming Eggplant — Olympia, WA

A student–worker run cafe on the Evergreen State College campus with a zine library and free store in the back. They serve vegan/ethical food. Third floor of the CAB building — 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW Olympia, Washington 98505 blogs.evergreen.edu/theflamingeggplant

Rojinegro Distribuidora Libertaria — Bogota, Colombia

Local Family DIY silk screening business and place to get revolutionary music (punk, metal, hip–hop, etc) as well as publications, and local concert info. cra. 19 # 43–25 Bogota, Colombia Tel. 245 3623 distribuidorarojinegro.blogspot.com

Librería Valija de Fuego — Bogota, Colombia

Anarchist and related subject bookstore. Calle 45 No 20–45 Bogota, Colombia Tel: 338 2065 — 312 3971982 librerialavalijadefuego. blogspot.com

Café Teatro Kussi–huayra — Santander, Colombia

Cafe, theatre, cultural space. Carrera 9 No. 9–15, Piedecuesta, Santander, Colombia Tel: 316 5854445 escuelamariogonzalez.blogspot.com

La Redada – Bogota, Colombia

Miscellaneous cultural space that is a network of local cultural, political action and artistic collectives. Calle 17 No. 2–51, Bogota D.C., Colombia, laredada.org

Centro Social y Cultural Libertario – Medellin, Colombia

Anarcko–info shop type space. Calle 46 Maturin No. 40–8 Medellin / Planeta tierra Tel: 239 40 69 centrosocialyculturallibertario .wordpress

Red Juvenil — Medellin, Colombia

Medellin´s youth network organization for arts against capitalism, militarization & patriarchy. Calle 47 # 40–53, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia, Tel: (4) 2393670 redjuvenil.org

Colectivo Jaguos por el Territorio – Huila, Colombia

A horizontally–organized youth collective based in small rural village that focuses on ecological/territorial defense, permaculture, recuperation of memory and identity and libertarian movements & organization. Centro Poblado La Jagua, Garzan, Huila, Colombia, descolonizandolajagua.wordpress

Errors in issue #114 of Slingshot

• Last issue we incorrectly stated that the Candlelight Collective in West Bend, WI no longer existed — and that West Bend WI, itself, did not exist. In fact, West Bend and Candlelight exist. The address published in the 2014 organizer is correct. The error we were trying to correct was that the Candlelight Collective address is also listed under Indiana. That listing is wrong – Candlelight is in Wisconsin, not Indiana. There is a West Bend in both Indiana and Wisconsin. Sorry for the error.

• Issue #114 said we mistaken left out the Meg Perry Center in Portland, ME, but it turns out they are not operating right now so our omission was not an error.

• The address we published for the Green Bike Coop in Waldport, OR doesn’t work for sending snail mail but is the physical address.

• In issue #114, we listed the People’s Art Collective in New Haven, CT as a new space, but it has already folded as of November.

Corrections to the 2014 Slingshot Organizer

We forgot to include the Black Coffee Coop in Seattle, WA. They are at 501 E. Pine St. Seattle, WA 98122 blackcoffeecoop.com.

The GNU Gallery in Ft. Collins, CO lost their space.

The LUNk Collective House in Lincoln, NE changed their name and location. They are now the Common Root Mutual Aid Center at 3333 Cleveland Ave, Suite 1, Lincoln, NE 68504, commonroot.net.

We didn’t list the Pangea House in Minot, North Dakota because we weren’t sure of their address. They moved and are now at 110 1st St. SE Ste. C Minot, ND 58701

The Dream City Collective in Washington DC is no longer active.

In the spiral organizer, the section for Brazil under “Latin America” says Argentina, not Brazil.

We got an email telling us that we should not include the BRYCC House in Louisville, KY because of problems with the project. We also got an envelope we mailed there returned. . .

The same email told us that we should not list the Social Justice Center in Madison, WI. It is hard for us to fact–check the allegations in the email so folks can investigate these projects for themselves.

We published the wrong zip code for Red Emma’s in Baltimore – it should be 21201.

It seems like the Bike City Recyclery in Fayetteville, AR closed – we got mail returned from them and their webpage is inactive.

The address for Denk–mal in Bern Switzerland has has changed. They are now located in a larger space at Lagerweg 12, 3013 Bern Switzerland.

Want to make Slingshot even better?

When I first read Slingshot around the turn of the century I wasn’t impressed at all. I can’t remember why, I just didn’t like it. Years later in either late 2005 or early ’06 I found myself at one of the worker–run cafes in Portland, Oregon at the time, the Red and Black, without reading material. I grabbed a recent copy of Slingshot and read it cover to cover, enjoying every article!

Knowing myself, I’m sure at least some of the change in perception was from my own personal growth — or the other way around depending on how you look at! I’m also sure at least some of my change in opinion came from what was possibly a whole different slew of contributors from the first couple issues I perused of Slingshot, and the first one I actually read and enjoyed all the way through. Since then, my readings of Slingshot have been mostly somewhere in the middle.

If I’m not mistaken, pretty much every issue includes a call for submissions in the introduction. Though I’ve been writing political material and trying to get my work published much longer than I’ve been reading Slingshot, this didn’t register with me for years. The first submission I made wasn’t accepted for publication, and I was asked to edit my second but didn’t. Some months later after writing another version of the second submission, an article about writing prisoners for the website People of Color Organize! I also sent it to Slingshot and it was accepted with a major addition from the collective which made it far better, and became a new draft which was published by both the journal and website People Not Profit.

In other words, I would recommend that radical writers and artists please consider submitting your work to Slingshot. Even if your first submission doesn’t get printed, please don’t be discouraged but think about trying to get something else of yours in.

Something else I’d really like to see in Slingshot are more stories written about the various projects in the Slingshot Radical Contact List written by the participants. I think it would also make Slingshot more of a newspaper, which I had pointed out to me in a critique of my original draft where I referred to Slingshot as a journal, it is the paper’s intention to carry news. All over the world people are facing similar struggles and the more news submitted to Slingshot about the ways people are resisting capitalism, hetero–patriarchy and white supremacy will benefit all of us greatly.

For non–writers and artists living in or visiting the San Francisco Bay Area, please consider volunteering for the collective. There are many ways to plug in and help from typing to folding and taping copies of the paper for mailing. It’s a truly collective process and a great deal of fun, for the most part. We critique the articles submitted as individuals, but then discuss and pick them for editing and or publication as a group. Individuals volunteer to do layout for specific pages, but again the whole group evaluates the final pages. Slingshot is also pretty generous with throwing down for food on the long workdays. Eating, listening to music and all the discussion both in regard to the paper and whatever else comes up are all a huge part of the process.

Make a Date

February 1 • noon
Protest San Francisco nudity ban – Body freedom parade – gather at Castro & 17th St. MyNakedTruth.TV

February 14 • 8 – 9 am
Dance Across the Golden Gate Bridge – One Billion Rising – gather at southeast end

February 16 • 10 – 5 pm
Los Angeles Zine Fest – Helms Bakery 8703 Washington Blvd. Culver City lazinefest.com

February 19 – 24
Earth First! Organizers Conference and Winter Rendezvous – in the Everglades, FL

February 23 • 4 pm
Slingshot new volunteer meeting & article brainstorm for issue #116 3124 Shattuck, Berkeley

February 28 • 6 pm
San Francisco Critical Mass bike ride – gather at Justin Herman Plaza

March 1 • 10 – 6 pm
Kitchener-Waterloo Canada Anarchist bookfair

March 4
Mardi Gras – in Berkeley meet the parade at People’s Park at 3 pm

March 8 •
International Women’s Day

March 22 • 10 – 6 pm
19th annual Bay Area Anarchist book fair – 1260 7th Street Oakland bayareaanarchistbookfair.wordpress.com

March 22 • 10 – 6 pm
Sydney, Australia Anarchist book fair – Gumbramorra Hall

March 23 • 10 – 6 pm
15th Berkeley Anarchist Students of Theory And Research & Development Conference – this year’s theme is Social War. UC Berkeley campus – sfbay-anarchists.org/conference

March 29 • 3 pm
Article deadline for Slingshot issue #116 3124 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley slingshot@tao.ca

April 1
St. Stupid’s Day Parade in San Francisco

April 4 – 6
All Power to the Imagination conference. New College of Florida Sarasota – allpowertotheimagination.com

April 15
Steal Something from Work Day

April 20 • 4:20 pm
Light one up – cannabis rallies in Denver, Washington, DC and elsewhere.

April 20 • 1 – 6 pm
People’s Park 45h Anniversary concert Berkeley

April 22
Earth Day

April 26
Bristol, UK Anarchist Book fair bristolanarchistbookfair.org

May 1
International Worker’s Day –