Letter to Slingshot — What??

A friend just emailed me the communiqué “Porn Again Anarchists” (Slingshot #70) — and I am intrigued by this, as many folks seem to believe I have a talent for expressing my lustful fantasies. But I don’t know, I just wanna have fun and make people go orgasmic. So, now I see that you are looking for submissions, and this is right up my alley because I love submissions because there is nothing more anti-authoritarian than having some hot babe render you into their plaything, don’t you think? Speaking of consenting adults of course. I know I enjoy it. My favorite radical pose is on my knees, tongue extended, slurping a load from the Motherland…. Anyway….so if I become inspired — and develop a craving to submit — how do it do it? Just send something to Slingshot submissions? And also — are you looking for screenplays only, or are little exercises in fantasy prose desired? What is appropriate for your format? I am already thinking of a potential idea:

“I was a Sex-Slave for a Stalinist Hack!”

Young innocent student succumbs to the attractions of a charismatic leftist militant — and soon gets a real taste of Party discipline! But then comes an uprising as she gets her hands on his means of production, and this is not just a wildcat, but a wild pussy on the loose! Our militant calls in his goons to reestablish authority, but our sex-pot turns the tables on these wanna-be Pol Pots, and its an orgiastic organizational meltdown that has to be seen to be believed! You’ll be beating your meat in your seat as you see: —> Leninists getting anally probed by Trotskyists! A Stalinist Central Committee becoming a circle jerk of a bunch of jerks! Militants kissing ass! See a dead movement go limp! Watch a bunch of liberals not go all the way! You’ll just wet your pants as you see communist cadre eating shit and learning to love it! Yum Yum! It’s coming soon and so will you! “I was a Sex-Slave for a Stalinist Hack!” have a nice day… Kathy