Zine Reviews

Wild Children #2


545 Calle del Norte

Camarillo, Ca 93010

Wild Children is a cool personal zine. Scott is in love with life and writes about that. It’s nice to know not everyone is cynical and jaded in these harsh times. #2 has stories on hitchhiking, train hopping and bike trips. A short piece on working in a daycare/preschool was the downer of #2, not that it wasn’t a good article, just that it is depressing to realize how early our society starts to regiment our lives. I look forward to more issues of Wild Children. Send Scott a dollar or two for an issue.

Arsenal #3

A magazine of anarchist strategy and culture

1573 N. Milwaukee Ave. PMB #420

Chicago, IL 60622 $4.00/issue

Arsenal is a new slick comic book sized zine out of Chicago. This issue has articles on the Minnehaha Free State, a review of the TAO web site, and anarchists in the anti-gentrification fight in S.F. and much more. The Ask a Fallen Comrade column, in my opinion, should be nixed for lack of humor, but there are worse things than lack of humor. The article on anarchism and nationalism was thought provoking. Because many anarchists support “third world” and New Afrikan nationalisms this is a good debate to start; i.e., what is the difference between a State and a Nation? ( And I would add, “Is a Nation the same as a People?”) Also of note in this issue is Sarah Jane Smith’s “The Continuing Appeal of Authoritarianism”. This is a critique of the Fire by Night Organizing committee’s pamphlet on the break-up of Love and Rage. The whole history of L&R and its aftermath should be required study for anarchists for finding out how not to organize.

The Black Clad Messenger #17

A journal of anti-authoritarian primitivism.

P.O. Box 11331

Eugene, Or 97440

$8.00/year (7 issues)

BCM, as always, is full of news about actions from around the globe. There are at least six pages of action news in this issue. Also in this issue; prisoner news, a column by John Zerzan, a piece by George Bradford on the Limitations of Leftism, news of the anti-GMO fight in Italy, a reprint from the book Against Civilization and a selection from Kuwasi Balagoon, the late BLA POW. Also, a contact list of other cool publications and a listing of weekly events in Eugene.

Green Anarchy #5

PO Box 11331

Eugene, OR 97440

$2.00/issue greenanarchy@tao.ca

Green Anarchy is another paper from folks in Eugene, (they seem to have a lot of energy for writing up there). This issue has articles on actions in the Northwest, a reprint from Willful Disobedience #7 on why the EZLN is not anarchist, a report form Davos, news of indigenous resistance in Australia and much more. The article on “anarchist epistemology” was odd to say the least. The author seems to think that using the scientific method to critique civilization is highest irony, but to confuse scientific method with Scientism is the gravest of errors. I look forward to GA’s discussion of anarchist antidisestablishmentarianism in the next issue.

Willful Disobedience vol. 2 #6

C/O Venomous Butterfly Publications

41 Sutter St. PMB 1661

SF, CA 94104

$1.00/issue or $5.00 for 6 issues(cash or stamps only)

A zine for anarchists with a brain. This issue has articles on biotechnology, “The Economy of Disaster”, news of anarchists in Spain, Italy and Greece , “Against the Logic of Submission: Hatred”. There is also news of actions, an anarchist prisoner contact list and more. Check it out and look for other publications from VB, particularly the pamphlet “This Is What Democracy Looks Like”.

Species Traitor #1

PO Box 835

Greensburg, PA 15601


Species Traitor is a new green anarchism/anti-civilization paper. While I share a tendency toward primitivism, ST was a bit hard to take because of all the editing errors and awkward language usage. Also, there were enough leaps of logic and misusage of terms to render many of the pieces unreadable. For example, in Kevin Tucker’s piece he states “Nature is chaos”. I was going to give him the benefit of the doubt by assuming he meant chaos in the Chaos Theory sense of the word i.e., chaos as self organization. But in the very next sentence he states “There is no order in the way things are…”. This seems to me to be a confusion of several terms and taking the mainstream’s view that anarchy is chaos (in the pejorative sense of the word).

I can only hope that the editing will get better.

This first issue includes the articles “What is the Totality” by Kevin Tucker, a beautiful short section from Derrick Jensen’s “A Language Older Than Words”, “The Continuing Appeal of Nationalism” from KKA, a column by John Zerzan, prisoner listings and several more articles and rants.

Anarcho-Syndicalist Review #31

P.O. Box 2824

Champaign, IL 61825

$15.00/4 issues

ASR is a 40 page journal of anarcho-sydicalist news, reviews and articles. This issue has stuff on the strategy of ” boring from within”, syndicalism in Siberia, a review of Thomas Frank’s One Market Under God, an article by Lorenzo Komboa Ervin and more.