Unite for Mumia

Revolutionary greetings to all at Slingshot!

I’m writing to ask that you extend my subscription. Your paper is good for contacting a lot of other prisoners who wouldn’t normally engage in any conversation about this rotten-ass system. But give ’em your paper, and they’re sure to come back with some pro or con on some issue that’s in the paper! So keep it coming, please!

On another note: there was a squib on page 2 of issue #64 that proposed an anarchist bloc at the rally for Mumia in Philly on April 24. That event will have already taken place by the time you get this, but check this. Everybody that’s serious about getting rid of this rotten-ass system should have no reservations about attending an event such as the Millions for Mumia march. For one thing, to help save the life of any freedom fighter, whether you agree with his or her so-called ideology or not, is a worthy effort! A victory for Mumia is a victory for everyone opposed to this fascist state! The same way the government was rocked by the liberation of Assata Shakur is the same way we can shake up these demons by freeing Mumia. So I urge all freedom fighters, revolutionaries, activists, anarchists, Black nationalists, rebels, whatever, not to let any divisional b.s. get in the way of striking a blow for freedom! Be serious about what you’re doing, for revolution is not a game! As MOVE’s founder, John Africa, taught: People are not to be played with like a game. Life is not a game. Life is a need; when games are allowed to be played with people’s lives, people’s lives are reduced to a game, and history will show that the game players are reduced to ashes when the people truly realize they are being played with.

Alright now, everybody keep up the fight against this corrupt system! We can win! We will win! Ona Move!