Kid inclusion

Are you involved in radical politics? Are there children in your life? Do you have concerns about bringing your children to radical organizing spaces, seminars, meetings, or protests or suggestions on how to improve their access and enjoyment?

The Oakland Bread and Roses Collective’s Children and Families Working Group is looking into these issues. We would like to hear from anyone with children in their lives and are active in radical and anarchist organizing about what you would like to see to make our spaces and actions more child and family friendly and accessible.

We have a survey on Survey Monkey, a brief ten questions, that we hope you will fill out so we can gather information to implement future projects aimed at better inclusion of families and children. Five of these questions are for you, and five are for the children in your lives.

You do not have to be a member of Bread and Roses to take this survey, nor do you need to be active in Oakland, CA. Please take the survey here: