Earth First! Roadshow

Earth First! road show

Earth First! has been organizing a cross-country road show that is slated to hit the road in February. The road show will be traveling with a variety of topics, skills and resources, including (but not limited to): forming affinity groups and planning direct action, blockading, climbing and occupations, bioregional news from campaigns and projects around the country, tools for challenging oppression, up-to-date news on resisting the Greenscare, independent and corporate media work, community organizing strategies and more.

For more info on setting up shows or if you want to share your thoughts and insights, visit or

Tentative Schedule

Phoenix/Flagstaff/Prescott, AZ 2/24

Austin/San Antonio, TX 3/3

New Orleans, LA 3/10

Gainesville, FL 3/17

Athens/Atlanta, GA 3/24

Appalachia/Blue Ridge area 3/31

Maine/Vermont 4/14

NYC/Hudson Valley 4/27

Michigan/Indiana/Ohio 5/5

Wisconsin/Minnesota 5/12

Great Plains 5/19

Colorado/Utah/Tetons 6/2

Bay Area 6/9

Humboldt/Ashland 6/16

Olympia/Seattle/Bellingham 6/23