People's Park, Our First Book

People’s Park: Still Blooming Now by sliding scale donation!

Title: People’s Park Still Blooming

Author: Terri Compost

Publication date: Now Available

ISBN-13: 978-0-9841208-0-2 (barcode on back cover)

200 full color pages printed on 70 pound glossy paper. Perfect bound

Laminated color cover, 11 X 8 1/2 inches

Price: $0 – $15—sliding scale donation

Subject: Urban studies / Counter-culture / History

The original retail price of the book was $24.95—the cost to print one copy is about $8.50—we’ll send it to you whether you donate or not. Shipping costs us $2.77.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the construction of People’s Park in Berkeley, the Slingshot collective has teamed up with Berkeley author and activist Terri Compost to publish People’s Park: Still Blooming, a 200 page full-color coffee table book that documents the Park’s evolution from 1969 to the present day.

People’s Park, located between Haste Street and Dwight Avenue, half a block East of Telegraph Avenue, is in many ways the spiritual and inspirational nexus of radical activism in the East Bay. Since a diverse coalition of activists seized a vacant lot to build the Park in 1969, the Park has been a model for do-it-yourself direct action. In the years since 1969, generations of activists have fought to permit the users of the Park to decide how it should be developed, operated and maintained — embodying the principal of user development — in the face of constant police repression. Amidst all the riots and protests, the park still blooms.

As the silent narrator, Terri weaves together interviews, news clippings and book excerpts to tell the story of the Park’s past, present and future. The book features hundreds of historical images and photographs of the Park’s present uses: as a community garden and native plant repository in a dense urban area; as a liberated zone for concerts and political rallies; and as one of the few places open to all people — rich and poor, homeless and housed — in an increasingly consumer-dominated Berkeley. Daily free food provided by Food Not Bombs and others draws a constantly shifting band of punks, travelers, artists and marginalized people to the Park.

It is fitting that People’s Park: Still Blooming is the first book published by the Slingshot Collective. Slingshot traces its roots to the Park — the ideas that inspired it and the street protests that have kept it alive. The book is not a dry historical text nor mere picture book — its conception and actualization are intimately tied to a living struggle with implications far wider than just Berkeley or just a Park. The struggle for the Park is the same as the global struggle for freedom, cooperation and ecological balance over hierarchy, corporations and a throw-away world.

The book is available now! If you are a bookstore and want to order copies for resale, we offer a 40% discount (Retail $14.95), a 90 day net invoice, and we accept returns. Please email us at slingshot (at) or call us at 510-540-0751 ext. 3 to place an order.

Below is a list of known bookstores carrying People’s Park: Still Blooming:

East Bay
  • Moes Books – Telegraph and Dwight, Berkeley
  • Book Zoo – 16 Glen Ave., Oakland
  • Pegasus Books – Shattuck and Durant, Berkeley
  • Pegasus Books – Solano, Berkeley, Oakland
  • Pendragon – College near Rockridge BART
  • Mrs. Dalloways – College and Russel, Berkeley
  • Long Haul – Shattuck at Woolsey, Berkeley
  • Ecology Center – San Pablo near Dwight, Berkeley
  • Diesel Books – College Avenue near Rockridge BART, Oakland
  • Walden Pond Books – near the lake, downtown Oakland
West Bay
  • Bound Together Books – Haight Street, San Francisco
  • Modern Times – Valencia and 20th, San Francisco
  • Other Avenues – Judah near Ocean Beach, San Francisco
  • In other Words, Portland, OR
  • Rainbow Books, Madison, WI
  • Arise – Minneapolis, MN
  • Atomic Books – Baltimore, MD
  • Charis Circle – Atlanta, GA
  • Red Emmas – Baltimore, MD
  • Bluestockings – New York, NY
  • Quimby’s – Chicago, IL
  • Lucy Parsons Center – Boston, MA
  • Pulp – Washington, DC
  • Wooden Shoe Books – Philadelphia, PA
  • Left Bank Books – Seattle, WA
  • Boxcar Books – Bloomington, IN